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Flip Flappers

Cautious Cocona’s world is turned upside down with the sudden appearance of a fearless, though troublesome, girl named Papika. When these two girls meet, their adventures in a different dimension called “Pure Illusion” begin. Together, they go searching for mysterious crystals called “Shards of Mimi,” powerful items which are said to be able to grant any wish. However, in pursuit of these crystals, obstacles arise, and the shards shine enabling them to transform into fairy-like beings.

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Pure Input

Cocona is having an average day until a girl with a hover board takes her into another dimension. With nothing but their wits, their adventure begins.

Episode 2: Pure Converter

Cocona refuses to meet with Papike, and she's afraid to let her true feelings show about their last adventure. Papika isn’t about to give up that easily!

Episode 3: Pure XLR

Stranded on a deserted planet, Papika is trying to find Cocona. Meanwhile, Cocona must fight her way out of a terrifying illusion.

Episode 4: Pure Equalization

Cocona and Papika must learn to harmonize their feelings. As a result, Cocona ends up staying over at Papika’s "place"  but, as always, nothing goes as expected.

Episode 5: Pure Echo

Papika and Cocona land in a world that is stuck in a loop. Meanwhile, Yayaka reveals a little bit more about Pure Illusion.

Episode 6: Pure Play

The girls find themselves fighting against Yayaka and her group. Meanwhile, a portal opens and the girls end up being sucked in.

Episode 7: Pure Component

The girls realize that their adventures in Pure Illusion are starting to bleed over into the real world. Cocona starts to feel unsure about their travels.

Episode 8: Pure Breaker

Cocona and Papika get thrown into Pure Illusion, entering a futuristic city. The girls and Yayaka must work together if they want to get out alive.

Episode 9: Pure Mute

Yayaka's usefulness comes into question, and as Cocona and Yayaka face off, their friendship and lives are put on the line.

Episode 10: Pure Jitter

Cocona demands answers as Asclepius attacks Flip Flap. Cocona's world starts to crumble as the truth is finally revealed.

Episode 11: Pure Storage

Mimi poses a threat to the world. Meanwhile, Salt and Papika try to stop her only to be overwhelmed by their memories.

Episode 12: Pure Howling

Yayaka and Papika have teamed up to save Cocona from her mother. As they follow Mimi and Cocona, they must fight their way through Pure Illusion.

Episode 13: Pure Audio

As things get better between Papika and Cocona, there is still the lingering threat of Mimi, and other secrets are lurking in the shadows.


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